What famous celebrities are buried at Inglewood Park Cemetery?

Inglewood Park Cemetery lies in the shadow of the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, CA. It is quite a lovely cemetery. The office gives out a celebrity list and maps. They will also look up someone for you. They do not discourage grave hunters. Inglewood has many notables like Gypsy Rose Lee, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, Ella Fitzgerald, and many others. It is an excellent place to spend the day hunting and worth your while.

Inglewood Park Cemetery
720 E Florence Ave, Inglewood, CA 90301

George Adams – King of the Gypsies

Location: Lot 478 B La Ramada Plot

Cora Alcindor – d. April 30, 1997 – Mother of Kareem Abdul Jabar

Location: Crypt 61, Sanctuary of Angels, Sunset Mausoleum

Baker, Chet – d. May 13, 1988 – Jazz Trumpeter, Jazz Vocalist. Performed and/or recorded with Charlie Parker, Gerry Mulligan, Russ Freeman, Stan Getz, Bud Shank, Ron Carter, Art Pepper, and others.

Location: 63 Elm, Division C, inside grave

Beals (David) Becker – d. August 16, 1943 – Early major league baseball player, he played with the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Boston Braves, the New York Giants, the Cincinnati Reds and the Piladelphia Phillies.

Location: Sanctuary of Devotion Mausoleum, Crypt 180

Ricky Bell – d. November 28, 1984 – Football Player for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers and the San Diego Chargers

Location: Grave D, Lot 973, Parkview Plot

Edgar Bergan – d. September 30, 1978 – Ventriloquist, famous for his dummy Charlie McCarthy. Father to actress, Candace Bergan.

Location: Grave 2, Lot 131, Miramar plot

Walter Antone “Wally” Berger – d. November 30, 1988 – Baseball player for the Los Angeles Angels, Boston Braves, New York Giants, Cincinnati Reds

Location: Grave J, Lot 9, Parkview Plot

Paul Bern – d. September 5, 1932 – MGM Producer and husband to Jean Harlow. His suicide was clouded with rumor and innuendo.

Location: Mausoleum of the Golden West, Niche F-96 (Paul is WAY at the top and unless you have a super zoom, you can’t get a picture)

Richard Berry – d. January 23, 1997 – Musician, he wrote the song, “Louie, Louie.”

Location: Sunset Mission Mausoleum, Sanc of El Sereno 220 D

Sidney & Josephine Birdsong – Parents to Stevie Wonder (UNVERIFIED)

Location: Grave E, Lot 723, Acacia Slope

Lyman Bostock, Jr. – d. September 23, 1978 – Baseball Player for the California Angels

Location: Grave C, Lot 342 Parkview Plot

Fletcher Bowron- d. September 11, 1968 – 42nd Los Angeles Mayor, 1938-1953.

Location: El Portal, Grave 214 A

Tom Bradley – d. September 29, 1998 – Former Mayor of Los Angeles

Location: Sunset Mausoleum. When you go in, go past the stairs and he is on your left

John G. Bullock – d. September 15, 1933 – Founder of the Bullock’s Department Stores

Location: Room D, Inglewood Mausoleum

Cesare Cardini – d. 1956 – Los Angeles restaurantuer, famous for creating the Cesaer Salad.

Location: Elm, Division B, Lot 12, Grave 5

Norman Spencer Chaplin -d. July 10, 1919 – Infant son of Charlie Chaplin and Mildred Harris, who died three days after birth

Location: Grave 3, Lot 496, Del Ivy Plot (directly behind the Albers monument. Look for the pond across the road.) The stone says “the Little Mouse”.

James ‘King James, Crown Prince’ Cleveland – d. February 9, 1991 – Gospel musician, singer, pianist, arranger, composer and choir director. Formed the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc. (GMWA) to unite gospel singers and musicians from around the country.

Location: Alta Mesa Garden Mausoleum, Crypt #77

E.L. Cord – d. January 2, 1974 – Industrialist, known for Auburn, Cord and Dusenberg Automobiles

Location: Sequoia Section, Plot # 597

Sam Crawford -d. June 15, 1968 – Baseball Hall of Famer

Location: Resthave section, Lot 475

Connie Curtis “Pee Wee” Crayton -d. 1985 – Blues Musician

Location: Cascade Gardens Mausoleum, Crypt 180

William Duncan – d. February 8, 1961 – Silent screen actor

Location: La Sol, Lot 552

Louise Fazenda – d. April 17, 1962 – Silent screen actress

Location: Mignonette section at the corner of Resthaven, and La Sol. Look for the monument with the name Fazenda on it. She is behind the monument.

Ella Fitzgerald – d. 1996 – Singer

Location: Sunset Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Bells, Crypt 1063. When you go into the mausoleum, go up the stairs on your left and she is at the top of the stairs. Curtis Flood – Baseball Player Location: Mausoleum

Curtis ‘Curt’ Flood – d. 1997 – Baseball Player


The Flying Cordonas (Alfredo Codona and Lillian Leitzel) – Trapeze Artists

Location: Miramar Lots 1&2

Hoot Gibson – d. 1962 – Cowboy Actor

Location: Magnolia Plot, lot 58, grave 10

Jim Gilliam – d. 1978 – Baseball Player, played for the Brooklyn Dodgers

Location: Miramar Plot, Lot 58, Grave 10

Betty Grable – d. August 2, 1973 – Actress

Location: Mausoleum of the Golden West, Sanctuary of the Dawn, crypt A-78

Ferdinande Rudolph Grofé -d. April 3, 1972 – Composer & Arranger (“Grand Canyon Suite, Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”)

Location: Mausoleum of the Golden West, Sanctuary of Faith, crypt E-324

Robin Harris – d. 1990 – Comedian

Location: Manchester Garden Mausoleum, Chapel of Freedon crypt D-5

Flora Jean “Flo” Hyman – 1984 Olympic Women’s Volleyball Team Member

Location: Manchester Garden Mausoleum, Manchester Court, crypt 224

James Jefferies – d. 1953 – World Heavyweight Boxing Champion (1899 – 1906)

Location: Sequoia Plot, Lot 122, grave 7

Jones, Ken – d. 1993 – Television news anchorman in Los Angeles.

Location: Pineview, Lot 932, Grave E

Charles R.Kennedy – d. February 16, 1950 – Playwright.

Location: Esperanza, Lot 34, Grave 1

Allan “Rocky” Lane -d. October 27, 1973 – Actor, the voice of Mr. Ed

Location: Rosehill Plot, Lot 70, inside grave

Lucille Laverne – (aka Lucille Q. Scott) – voice of the Wicked Queen in Disney’s “Snow White”

Location: Palm Plot, Lot 236, center grave D

Sharon Lynn ( buried under the name Sharon Glazer Sershen) – d. May 26, 1963 – Actress.

Location: Chapel of the Chimes, Crypt 7

Gypsy Rose Lee -d. April 27, 1970 – Stripper/Actress/Singer/Author (The G-String Murders and her autobiography Gypsy)

Location: Pinecrest Plot, Lot 1087, grave 8

Fred McMullin – d. November 21, 1952 – Baseball Player / Player during the 1919 Black Sox Scandal.


Louis Meyer – d. October 11, 1995 – Racing legend.


Donald Myrick -d. 1993 – Bass player for Earth, Wind and Fire

Location: El Portal Plot, Lot 1934, grave B

Johnny Parsons -d. September 8, 1984 – Race Car Driver

Location: La Ramada Lot, Lot 787

Frank Reicher – d. January 19, 1965 – Character actor

Location: Mausoleum of the Golden West, Sanctuary of Devotion, Crypt N-364

Robert Riskin -d. September 20, 1955 – Screenwriter, won Academy Award for “It Happened One Night”

Location: Location: Mausoleum of the Golden West, Sanctuary of Eternity, Crypt L-133

Sugar Ray Robinson – d. April 12, 1989 – Heavyweight Boxing Champion

Location: Pinecrest, Lot 24

LaTasha Sheron ‘M.C. Trouble’ Rogers – d. 1991 – Rap musician.

Location: Pinecrest. Near the middle. Grave B, Lot 20

Cesar Romero – d. January 1, 1994 – Handsome Latin movie and television actor.

Location: Mausoleum of the Golden West, Aclove of Music, Cr. 408 (Cesar is in a large glassed in niche)

Frank L. Shaw- d. January 24, 1958 – 41st Mayor of Los Angeles, 1933-1938.

Location: Del Ivy, Lot 325

Charles A. Siringo – d. October 18, 1928 – Cowboy Author. Wrote many books based on his experiences, including “Riata and Spurs,” “A Texas Cowboy” and “A Cowboy Detective.”

Location: B Plot, Lot 218

William B. “Buckwheat” Thomas -d. October 10, 1980 – Actor, “Our Gang”

Location: Acacia Slope, Lot 773, grave D (at the very corner of Acacia Slope, El Serreno, Siest and Fairhaven. Second stone in)

Willie Mae “Big Mama” Thornton -d. 1984 – Blues Singer

Location: M Plot, Lot 2486, grave B (she is all the way to the back at the chain link fence. Find the Regent St. sign and count 12 graves to the right – you will be facing the street)

T-Bone Walker – Blues Musician


Roderrick “Bobbie” Wallace – d. November 3, 1960 – Baseball Player

Location: Evergreen section, Lot 226, Grave A

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