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2741469993_9003ea2263_zHi I’m Penny Flores, welcome!

MS Films is a blog about movies. In this blog I post thoughts about movies. I’m a movie enthusiast. There is hardly any movie that I’ve missed watching. I always follow the movie magazines to know the latest news about Hollywood. I read movie reviews and view trailers of latest movies.

I thought of writing this blog to inform people about the upcoming movies. I write about the synopsis of the movies, actors and actresses playing the lead roles and comment on why they must watch the movies. You will find news about actors and actresses, including news about their career and personal lives as well. You will know which movies are good this year; which are nominated for various film festivals; which are liked by critics, etc. From red carpet to the doors of their home, you will know everything about celebrity gossips.

There is a forum here where you can share your thoughts as well. It’s a great blog for knowing some quick information regarding movies. Whenever a new movie is on the pipeline, you will know everything about it in this blog. So, keep reading!

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