What famous celebrities are buried at Holy Cross Cemetery Culver City?

Holy Cross Cemetery is a huge Catholic Cemetery in Culver City. If someone in Hollywood was Catholic, this is usually their final resting place. The office has an incomplete celebrity list (most big-named celebrities). There are quite a few people in the Mausoleum, but a word of warning, this is an ACTIVE Catholic cemetery, and the Mausoleum has quite a few services, and many people pray there. So, please be discreet. Weekends are hectic. As I said, it is pretty significant, so you will be in and out of your car a lot to find most residents. Also, be prepared to walk up and down hills. But it is a lovely cemetery, and you will have plenty to do.

Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery
5835 W Slauson Ave, Culver City, CA 90230

Albertson, Frank – d. February 29, 1964 – Actor and brother to Jack Albertson

Location: Section P, Lot 284, Grave 4

Allgood, Sara b. – d. September 13, 1950 – Actress.

Location: Section D, Lot 249, Grave 6

Arlen, Richard – d. March 28, 1976 – Silent Actor

Location: Section T, Tier 57, Grave 130

Astor, Mary – d. September 25, 1987 – Actress

Location: Section N, Lot 523, Grave 5

John Beradino – d. 1996 – Actor, best known as Dr. Steve Hardy on the soap, “General Hospital”

Location: Mausoleum, Room 2, Crypt B1

Blane, Sally – August 27, 1997 – Actress and sister to Loretta Young

Location: Section W, Tier 19, Grave 21

Bloomingdale, Alfred S. – August 23, 1982. – Heir to the Bloomingdale Department Store fortune and lover to murdered model, Vickie Morgan.

Location: Section W, Tier 37, Grave 78

Bolger, Ray – d. January 15, 1987 – Actor, best known for playing the Scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz”

Location: Mausoleum, Block 35, Crypt F2

Boyer, Charles – d. August 26, 1978 – French Actor, famous for movies like “Gaslight” and “Algiers”

Location: St. Ann Section, Lot 186, 5

Brady, Scott – d. April 16, 1985.

Location: Mausoleum, Block 156, Crypt B7

Brasselle, Keefe B. – d. July 7, 1981 – Actor

Location: Section R, Tier 29, Grave 168.

Brisson, Frederick – October 8, 1984.- Producer and husband of actress Rosalind Russell

Location: Section M, Lot 536, Grave 1 under the HUGE crucifix in the section below the Mausoleum

Candy, John – d. March 4, 1994 – Canadian Actor, famous for being on the tv show “SCTV” and for movies like “Uncle Buck” and “Who’s Harry Crumb?”

Location: Mausoleum, Room 7, Block 1 above Fred MacMurray

Carey, MacDonald – d. March 21, 1994 – Actor best remembered playing Dr. Tom Horton, Sr. on the soap “Days of Our Lives”

Location: Grotto, Lot 196, Grave 19, right by Rita Hayworth and Bonita Granville

Castle, Nick – d. August 16, 1968 – Actor

Location: St. Ann Section, Lot 187, 2

Cavanaugh, Hobart J. – d. April 27, 1950 – Actor

Location: Section G, Lot 122, Grave 6

Coogan, Jackie – d. March 1, 1984 – Actor, starred in Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid”. Best known as Uncle Fester on the Addams Family. Even though his careful father saved most of the money that Jackie made working as a child actor, after his father died in 1935, his mother and step-father (who was Jackie’s business manager) kept all his money and spent most of it. He had to take them to court, got practically nothing back (because most of it was gone, plus under the law in 1939, he had no rights to his money) and eventually, the Child Actors Bill, also known as the Coogan Law, was put into place to put money made by child actors into trust to protect their earnings.

Location: Section F, Tier 56, Grave 47

Correll, Charles – d. 1972 -“Andy” of the “Amos and Andy” radio show

Location: Saint Ann’s Garden

Crash, Darby (Jean Paul Beahm) – d. 1980 – Musician

Location: Section R, Tier 8, Grave 114

Crosby, Bing – d. October 14, 1977 – Singer, actor, best known for The Road Shows with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour and for winning Best Actor for “Going My Way” and for playing a hopeless alcoholic in “The Country Girl

Location: Grotto, Lot 119, Grave 1

Crosby, Wilma (Dixie Lee) – d. 1952 – Actress and wife of Bing Crosby

Location: Grotto, Lot 119, Grave 1

Davis, Joan – d. May 22, 1961 – Actress best known for the tv show, “I Married Joan”

Location: Mausoleum, D1, B146. Facing the alter, she is on the right

Day, Dennis – d. June 22, 1988 – Singer, famous for “The Jack Benny Show”

Location: Section W, Tier 53, Grave 37

Del Rubio, Eadie – d. December 16, 1996 – Singer, part of the trio “The Del Rubio Triplets” with sisters Millie and Elena

Location: Section M, Lot 422, Grave 2

Del Rubio, Elena – d. April 2000 – Singer, part of “The Del Rubio Triplets”

Location: Section M, Lot 422, Grave 4

Desmond, Johnny – d. September 6, 1985 – Actor

Location: Section F, Tier 44, Grave 30

Drake, Tom “Buddy” (Buddy Alderdice) – d. August 11, 1982 – Actor

Location: Section R, Tier 26, Grave 188

Durante, Jimmy – d. January 29, 1980 – Comedian, famous for his gravelly voice and big nose

Location: Section F, Tier 96, Grave 6

Edwards, Vince – d. March 11, 1996 – Actor, famous for playing Dr. Ben Casey on the tv show, “Ben Casey”.

Location: Section CC, Tier 64, Grave 29

Egan, Richard – d. July 20, 1987 – Actor 

Location: Section AA, Tier 37, Grave 139

Farrow, John – d. January 27, 1963 – Writer, Director and Producer, married to Maureen O’ Sullivan and father to actress Mia Farrow

Location: Section P, Lot 317, Grave 5

Fields, Harriet (Hattie) – d. 1963- Wife of comedian, W.C. Fields and Fields, W. C., Jr. – d. February 16, 1971 – Son of comedian, W. C. Fields

Location: Mausoleum, Block 153, Crypt C-6

Flynn, Joe – d. July 19, 1974 – Actor, famous for playing Captain Binghamton on “McHale’s Navy”

Location: Section B, Lot 320, Grave 10

Ford, John – d. August 31, 1973 – Director, famous for movies like “Rio Grande”, “The Quiet Man”, “The Grapes of Wrath”

Location: Section M, Lot 304, Grave 5

Fowler, Gene – d. 1960 – Writer and newspaperman

Location: Section M, Lot 792, Grave 3

Frann, Mary – d. September 23, 1998 – Actress, famous for playing Bob Newhart’s wife on “The Newhart Show”

Location: Section CC, Tier 52, Grave 58

Granville, Bonita – d. October 11, 1988 – Actress, best known for playing Nancy Drew in the late 30’s

Location: Grotto, Lot 196, Grave 12, near Rita Hayworth and MacDonald Carey

Gray, Gilda – d. December 22, 1959 – Silent Actress known as the “Shimmy Queen”

Location: Section S, Tier 46, Grave 67

Haley, Jack – d. June 6, 1979 – Actor, famous for playing The Tin Man in “The Wizard of Oz”

Location: Grotto, Lot 100, Grave 2

Hamilton, Joe – d. June 9, 1991 – Producer and former husband of Carol Burnett

Location: Mausoleum, Block 73, Crypt B6

Hathaway, Henry – d. February 11, 1985 – Director and producer, famous for directing movies like “True Grit”, “Niagra” and “The Sons of Katie Elder”

Location: Mausoleum, Chapel, left of altar

Hayes, Allison (Mary Jane) – d. February 27, 1977 – Actress, most famous for playing in “The Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”

Location: Section N, Lot 618, Grave 1

Hayworth, Rita – d. May 14, 1987 – Actress, famous for roles such as “Gilda” and “Miss Sadie Thompson”. Of her five husbands, one was Orson Wells (they had one daughter) and Prince Aly Khan (also one daughter).

Location: Grotto, Lot 196, Grave 6 (right of main sidewalk, near the curb)

Iturbi, Jose – d. June 28, 1980 – Concert Pianist, Conductor

Location: Mausoleum, Block 16, Crypt E1

Jones, Lindley “Spike” – d. May 1, 1965 – Bandleader, famous for goofy songs like “In Der Fuerer’s Face”

Location: Mausoleum, Block 70, Crypt A7

Jordan, Jim – d. 1988 – Radio actor, famous for playing Fibber McGee on the “Fibber McGee and Molly” with his wife, Marian – d. April 7, 1961, who played Molly

Location: Saint Ann’s Section, Lot 153, 2

Kennedy, Edgar – d. November 9, 1948 – Comedian, who worked with Mack Sennett and Hal Roach, especially in Laurel and Hardy comedies and in some Marx Brothers movies

Location: Section D, Lot 193, Grave 7

Lanza, Mario – d. October 7, 1959 – Opera singer, actor in movies like MGM’s “The Great Caruso”

Location: Mausoleum, Block 46, Crypt D2

LaRue, Jack – d. January 11, 1984 – Character Actor, usually played heavies

Location: Mausoleum, Block 69, Crypt E3

Lockhart, Gene – d. March 31, 1957 – Character actor famous for movies like “Algiers” and “His Girl Friday”

Location: Section D, Lot 279, Grave 6

Lovejoy, Frank – d. 1962 – Actor, known for playing tough guys

Location: Section P, Lot 306, Grave 5

Lugosi, Bela – d. August 16, 1956 – Actor, most famous for playing “Dracula”.  Yes, he was buried in his Dracula cape.

Location: Grotto, Lot 120, Grave 1

Lundigan, William – d. December 20, 1975 – Actor

Location: Section D, Lot 269, Grave 3

MacMurray, Fred – d. November 5, 1991 – Actor. He did many movies, including five with Carole Lombard. He played the heavy in “Double Indemnity” with Barbara Stanwyck and in “The Apartment”. He also played goofy roles in Disney’s “The Shaggy Dog” and “The Absent-minded Professor”. But will probably be best remembered as the father, Steve Douglas, on the tv show, “My Three Sons”.

Location: Mausoleum, Room 7, Crypt D1

Mannix, Eddie – d. August 30, 1963 – MGM Studio Executive and Toni Mannix (Camille Toni) – d. 1983 – Married to Eddie Mannix, Toni is also known for her affair with actor George Reeves (Superman). Rumors are that Toni might have possibly killed Reeves, though it has never been substantiated.

Location: Mausoleum, Block 71, Crypt E-1

McCarey, Leo – d. July 5, 1969 – Director, screenwriter, he was instrumental in bringing the team of Laurel and Hardy together. Also directed movies such as “Duck Soup”, “The Awful Truth”, “My Favorite Wife” and “An Affair to Remember”.

Location: Section T, Tier 44, Grave 134

Meadows, Audrey – d. February 3, 1996 – Actress, best known for playing Alice Kramden on “The Honeymooners”

Location: Section F, Tier 29, Grave 58.

Monaco, James V. – d. October 16, 1945 – Composer, best known for songs like “You Made Me Love You”.

Location: Section D, Lot 211, Grave 1

Monti, Carlotta – d. December 8, 1993 – Mistress of W.C. Fields, appearing in his movie, “Never Give a Sucker an Even Break” (she played the receptionist). She later wrote a book about her life with Fields.

Location: Crematorium section back of mausoleum.

Nesbit, Evelyn – d. January 17, 1967 – Actress, best known as “The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing”. Evelyn had an affair with architect Stanford White, who then dumped her. She then married millionaire Harry Thaw, who went and shot White. The story was made into a movie starring Joan Collins.

Location: Section M, Lot 232, Grave 2

O’Brien, Edmond – d. 1985 –Actor, best remembered for the movie “D.O.A”

Location: Section F, Tier 54, Grave 50

O’Brien, Pat – d. October 15, 1983 – Irish Actor and good friend to Spencer Tracey

Location: Section F, Tier 56, Grave 62

O’Connell, Helen (Devoi) – d. 1993 – Singer

Location: Section CC, Tier 56, Grave 55

O’Malley, Walter – d. August 9, 1979 – One-time owner of the Dodgers and was the one who brought them to Los Angeles from Brooklyn.

Location: Section P, Lot 526, Grave 5

Oldfield, Barney – d. October 4, 1946 – Race car driver

Location: Section D, Lot 290, Grave 11

Ory, Edward “Kid” – d. January 23, 1973 – Father of Dixieland Jazz

Location: Grotto Section, Lot 59, Grave 4

Pan, Hermes – d. September 19, 1990 – Choreographer. He choreographed ALL the Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers movies, along with movies like “Cleopatra” and “My Fair Lady”.

Location: Mausoleum, Block 127, Crypt D5

Parsons, Louella (Martin) – d. December 9, 1972 Gossip columnist for the Hearst Corporation. 

Location: Section D, Lot 235, Grave 8

Pitts, Zasu – d. June 7, 1963 – Actress

Location: Grotto Section, Lot 195, Grave 1

Rey, Alejandro – d. May 21, 1987 – Argentinean Actor

Location: Section L, Lot 403, Grave 1

Rorke, Hayden – d. August 19, 1987 – Actor, best known as Dr. Bellows on “I Dream of Jeannie”

Location: Section P, Grave 318 on the northeast corner, five in from the curb

Russell, Rosalind – d. November 28, 1976 – Actress, famous for roles in movies like Hildy Johnson in “His Girl Friday” with Cary Grant, Sylvia Fowler in “The Women” and Mame Dennis in “Auntie Mame”, which she originated on Broadway. Also landed the role of Mama Rose in “Gypsy”, even though Ethel Merman originated the role on Broadway.

Location: Section M, Lot 536, Grave 2, right under the HUGE Crucifix

Scala, Gia – d. April 30, 1972 – Actress

Location: Section M, Lot 542, Grave 1

Sennett, Mack – d. November 5, 1960 – Producer, director, writer and founder of the Mack Sennett Studios. Known as the “King of Comedy” and helped launch the careers of many stars like Mabel Normand, Charlie Chaplin, Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle, Gloria Swanson and Carole Lombard. His studio also produced The Keystone Cops.

Location: N, Lot 490, Grave 1

Tate, Sharon – d. August 9, 1969 – Actress. She was married to Roman Polanski and was eight months pregnant with their first child when members of the Manson family murdered her and three of her friends. She is buried here with the baby she was carrying, Paul, her mother, Doris and her sister, Patty.

Location: Saint Ann’s Section, Lot 152, 6.

Valentino, Jean Acker – d. 1978 – Actress and first wife of Rudolf Valentino, whom she locked out of a hotel room on their wedding night. The wedding was never consumated and the marriage was annulled.

Location: Section N, Plot 542

Vanderbilt, Gloria Morgan – February 13, 1965 – Socialite and mother to fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt.

Location: Section D, Lot 176, Grave 2

Wayne, Bernie – d. 1993 – Songwriter, wrote the theme song for the Miss America Pagent and the song, “Blue Velvet”.

Location: Section CC, Tier 64, Grave 49

Welk, Lawrence – d. May 17, 1992 Bandleader

Location: Section Y, Tier 9, Grave 110

Wilkerson, William R. “Billy” – d. 1967 – Editor of the Hollywood Reporter Newspaper

Location: Section N, Lot 466, Grave 3

Young, Loretta – d. August 12, 2000 – Actress of many films like “The Bishop’s Wife” and “The Story of Alexander Graham Bell”. She is probably best known for her Oscar winning role in “The Farmer’s Daughter” and for her tv show, “The Loretta Young Show”. She was the mother to Clark Gable’s only daughter from an affair they had making “Call of the Wild” in 1935, which was the worst kept secret in Hollywood and was later told in a book her’s and Gable’s daughter, Judy Lewis, in the book “Uncommon Knowledge”.

Location: Section F, Tier 65, Grave 49. Take the far left road at the entrance. Just past Grotto on your immediate left is a statue of la Pieta. The headstone is 80 feet past that, 17 rows up from the street, 10 spaces from the tall pine in the center of section F. It is a brown metallic headstone marked Gladys Belzer (her mother). Loretta’s name is not on the headstone.

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