Top 10 Great Horror Movies

This list of 10 Good Horror Movies is like any true top ten list. It is of personal taste as opposed to critical acclaim.

Some of the films to follow, would not feature on many top 10 lists or perhaps be classed as horror at all. For me, a ‘good horror film’, taps into the viewer’s psyche by delving into the primal fears that lie within us all. This may include a sense of isolation, knowing, but not seeing, unable to escape what awaits or makes us question life after death.

The majority of the great horror films present characters in a situation they are unable to escape from. The horror waits for it’s the moment to strike and our hero must confront and overcome their/our fears. Indeed, like any good film, we join the characters on an emotional and spiritual level. We too, must confront and overcome these fears, to allow these experiences to shape our lives and change how we operate as part of society.

Oh, and to have fun as well!

10. Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity’s plot is basic – A married couple discovers strange things happening in their home. The husband then documents the events on film.

I should mention how brilliant the trailer for Paranormal Activity is.

The trailer does not ruin the plot, it makes you desperate to see the film, and lastly, has an impact on the viewer before they have seen it.

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9. Dawn of The Dead (2004)

I love zombie movies. For me, Dawn of The Dead gets everything right, the sense of isolation, the question of morals, and obviously, good fun.

Dawn of The Dead is the story of a group of survivors who barricade themselves in an American shopping mall.

There is more to the story however, I always feel that trailers or summaries in reviews give away too much.

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8. The Road

Perhaps not so much of a horror as it is a drama, The Road is a powerful and disturbing film that has a profound impact.

The plot revolves around a father and son making their way through an apocalyptic America with the goal of reaching the ocean.

Viggo Mortensen plays the father and does everything in his power to protect and shelter his son from the evils around them.

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7. Deliverance

Again, not so much of a horror as it is a thriller. For me, Deliverance is a disturbing film that centers around events that we all could believe in.

The plot involves a group of friends going on a fishing trip in a southern state of America.

Without spoiling anything, the group are hunted and forced to do unthinkable acts.

To survive the events, the group is pushed to the brink of their humanity.

‘Squeal like a pig’ and inbred banjo players should be enough for you to check this out.

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6. The Wicker Man 1973

I love the 1973 version of The Wicker Man. Christopher Lee steals the show in a film he is often quoted as being most proud of.

A young woman on a remote Scottish Island is missing. A police officer played by Edward Woodward is sent to investigate and finds that the locals are a little odd…

The Wicker Man delivers a mystical and hypnotic experience that will last with you for quite some time.

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5. Evil Dead 2

Sam Rami’s Evil Dead 2 is as much a comedy as it is a horror.

Evil Dead 2 is pretty much the same film like Evil Dead with the exception of added humor, bigger frights, and a larger budget.

The plot is about a group of friends who go on holiday to a remote shack. While there they find ‘The Book of Dead’ which opens a portal to hell!

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4. Invasion of The Body Snatchers (1978)

It’s rare for a film to impact me in the same way that the 1973 version of Invasion of The Body Snatchers has. Sadly, I know that I will never have the same experience as the first time I saw this film.

Despite ample opportunity, I have not sat down and watched this film for many years. With faint hope, I wish for a day that I forget everything that happens in this film and that one day, I can sit with my son and be blown away as I was the first time.

The analytical side of me wants to delve into atheism being a central theme of the film… but, I’ll spare you!
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3. Alien

For me, Alien encapsulates everything I mention in the opening paragraph.

The film needs no introduction and I suspect many of you will have already seen Alien.

What I will say, is that Alien is a film that makes us confront our primitive fears. The fear of the dark, rape, birth, being hunted by a creature that cannot be reasoned with, and the feeling of complete and utter hopelessness.

Being hunted is perhaps a common theme in all horror films, however, Alien goes one step further by stripping away the romance of death as we / the characters cease to be anything other than flesh and bone.
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2. The Thing

The Thing is a terrifying yet enjoyable story of a group of Arctic explorers who are cut off from the outside world.

One by one, they are slowly killed by an unseen alien which takes the shape of those it kills.

If you haven’t seen John Carpenter’s version of The Thing, I implore you to see it.

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1. The Shining

Much like Alien, Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, The Shining needs no introduction.

Oddly, the creator of the source material, Steven King is highly opposed to Kubrik’s version. This led to the author having complete control over future adaptions of his work.

Through Kubrik’s direction, editing techniques, and use of classical music, he manages to shape simple elements such as a child having an imaginary friend or two twins standing in a hallway into disturbing sequences.

I’m having chills as I write this.

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10 Top Horror Movies Conclusion

It took me two days to produce this list and on both days, the list changed dramatically.

I think this is natural as when compiling a list of favorite films. Our mood changes daily, sometimes hourly and this is reflected in the films we love and most associate ourselves with.

‘We love’ is the incorrect phrase to use when compiling a list like the one above. All of the above movies are pieces that I love, and I can associate with on a personal level. I expect that your list differs a great deal from my own.

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