DiCaprio’s road to winning the Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar for Best Actor this year for his move ‘The Revenant’. Previously, he has been nominated for Oscar four times. Here is his journey to winning the Oscar.

DiCaprio wasn’t surprisingly nominated for ‘Titanic’. He first got nominated for Oscar for his supporting role as Arnie Grape in ‘What’s Eating Gilber Grape’ in 1994. His second Oscar nomination was for the film ‘The Aviator’ in 2005 for the leading actor. In this movie he portrayed the role of famous Howard Hughes. The third Oscar nomination was for the movie ‘Blood Diamond’ in 2007 where he played the role of Danny Archer. He got his fourth Oscar nomination for the 2014 film ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.  He played the character of a playboy Jordan Belfort. Finally, this year, he won the Oscar for his leading role as badass adventurer Hugh Glass in ‘The Revenant’.  His performance has been the best so far in this movie. His performance was very matured which showed his commitment towards acting. In the past, he has won the Golden Globe award for best actor in a drama, the Critics’ Choice award and the SAG Award for best actor. But it is the first time ever that he has won an Oscar.

The DiCaprio fans are dancing with joy and DiCaprio has finally got the reward he deserved after so many years of hard work and brilliant performance. We hope to see him grab many more Oscars in the future.

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