What famous celebrities are buried at Calvary Cemetery Los Angeles?

Calvary is another vast Catholic Cemetery. Most of the notables are in the Mausoleum. Most everyone is easy to find except Ramon Navarro. I do not know how helpful the office is, but I have been told they dislike people taking pictures. Some have told me the office would take a picture for you….for a price. I do not know if that is true (big disclaimer here). So, go to the office at your peril.

Calvary Cemetery and Mortuary
4201 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023

Barrymore, Lionel- d. 1954 – Actor, brother to John and Ethel Barrymore. Part of the famous Barrymore acting family, he is probably best known as Dr. Gillespie in the “Dr. Killdare” movies. He and his brother, John, did “Grand Hotel” and “Dinner at Eight” together, and all three siblings (Lionel, John, and Ethel) appeared together in “Rasputin and the Empress”.

Location: Main Mausoleum, Block 352 (on the right side facing the alter. The empty crypt of John Barrymore is right below Lionel)

Barrymore, Ethel (Colt) – d. 1959 – Actress and member of the famous Barrymore acting family. She was mostly a Broadway actress, known as “The First Lady of the American Stage”. Appeared in a few films, only one with her two famous brothers.

Location: Main Mausoleum, Block 60, crypt 3F (go to the doorway by the alter and go left down the corridor. Ethel is on the left-hand wall, about hip level)

Barrymore, John – d. 1942 – (Original interment site) – Actor known as “The Great Profile”, grandfather to Drew Barrymore, and part of the famous Barrymore acting family (with his brother Lionel and sister Ethel). John was a great stage and screen actor, appearing in roles such as “Hamlet” and “Richard III” on Broadway, and was a matinee idol during the silent era. He survived the change to talkies with ease, having a great voice honed by the theatre. His roles in movies like “Dinner at Eight” and “Twentieth Century” are classics. Sadly, alcohol became all-consuming to him (as it is the family curse) and eventually became a sad parody of his former self. He descended into B-movies, eventually dying a hopeless alcoholic.

Location: Main Mausoleum, Block 352 (Right below his brother, Lionel)

Costello, Dolores (Barrymore) – d. 1935 – Actress and ex-wife to John Barrymore, grandmother to Drew Barrymore.

Location: Section D, Lot 877

Costello, Lou – d. 1959 – Comedian, half of Abbott and Costello

Location: Main Mausoleum, block 354, crypt B-1 (on the right side facing the alter)

Doheny, Edward L. Sr. – Oil Magnate, Pan American Petroleum, involved in the Teapot Dome Scandel of 1923. Edward’s son was Edward (Ned) L. Doheny, Jr., a murder-suicide victim buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale.

Location: Main Mausoleum. Facing the alter, the Dohney’s are on the right hand side, very first room closed to the alter. He is buried with his wife, Carrie

Dunne, Irene (Griffin) – Actress, famous for her films with Cary Grant (“The Awful Truth, “My Favorite Wife” and “Penny Seranade”) and for the movie, “I Remember Mama”.

Location: Main Mausoleum (on the left side of the alter and the last corridor, toward the back of the chapel)

Foy, Brian – Vaudevillian, brother to Eddie Foy

Location: Main Mausoleum Block 33 Crypt C-5 (Unmarked)

Gibbons, Cedric – d. 1960 – Head of the Art Department at MGM

Location: Section H, lot 117

Healy, Ted – Vaudevillian, helped found the Three Stooges

Location: Section F, Lot 1693, Grave 14

Hodiak, John – Actor and ex-husband to Anne Baxter

Location: Main Mausoleum, right next to Mabel Normand

Naish, J. Carroll – Actor

Location: Section G, Lot 1098, grave 22

Novarro, Ramon – Actor, best known as the silent screen “Ben Hur”. He was a romantic silent screen idol but his career quickly faded after doing “Mata Hari” with Garbo.

Location: Section C, Lot 586, grave 5 Go to Section C and look for 30 – 36 on the curb. Walk BETWEEN those two numbers and go straight to the HICKSON monument, which will be on your right. He is on your left-hand side, right in FRONT of the HICKSON monument. His stone is a square shape with other rocks. (this will make sense when you see it)

Negri, Pola – Polish actress who was a popular silent screen actress. A combination of her stunt at Valentino’s funeral (throwing herself on the coffin, fainting on cue for the photographers, and claiming that her and Valentino were going to be married), her heavy Polish accent, and the Hays Office ended her career.

Location: Main Mausoleum, St. Paul’s Corridor, Block 56, crypt E19 (going the same way as you go to Ethel Barrymore, except Pola’s corridor is on the right side) Mabel Normand (Cody)- Actress Location: Main Mausoleum, Main Hallway (from the alter, go back to the main hallway and go right. Mabel is on the left wall)

O’Neill, Peggy (buried under Barbara J. O’Neill) – Actress 

Location: Main Mausoleum, Block 120, Crypt 1-A

Philbin, Mary – Silent screen actress

Location: Mausoleum, Block 25

Reagan, John and Nellie -Parents of former President Ronald Reagan

Location: Section R, Lot 306, Grave 11& 12

Roach, Hal, Jr. – Director

Location: Block 14, Crypt 11 (outdoor mausoleum)

Sinclair, Harry F. – Oil Magnate, Sinclair Oil Co. (later turned into Arco), involved in the Teapot Dome Scandel of 1923.

Location: Main Mausoleum, private room with the name “Sinclair” on the waist high gate.

Stromberg, Hunt – MGM producer, produced movies like “The Thin Man” series, “The Women” and “Idiots Delight”, to name a few.

Location: Section H, Lot 416 (by a tree)

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