Top 10 Awesome Movie Villains

So I went through and did my ton ten favorite TV Villains a couple of weeks back and I figured I’d do my Top Ten Favorite Movie Villains! Now I don’t watch horror movies so there are no horror movie villains included in this list. But I do watch a lot of Sci-fi and Fantasy! So here is my list.

Ronan- Guardians of the Galaxy

I could end this post by saying, Lee Pace and that would say it all, but I won’t. Ronan was scary. A man bent on revenge is someone to watch out for. He killed without mercy, he was unforgiving and he wanted to rule the galaxy. Plus the guy bathed in black goo, that’s just weird. But Ronan was a great villain and we wanted to see him be destroyed by Star-Lord. And in the end, isn’t that was stories are about? Wanting the good guy to defeat the bad guy.

Gollum / Smeagol – Lord of the Rings

Andy Serkis did an amazing job with this character and man did we hate him! Gollum was vile, filthy, horrible and we didn’t feel bad for him one bit after we found out he’d murdered his best friend for a ring. But he was also silly and funny and in the end, he saved Middle Earth. Not on purpose, but he did. As a character, he was so child-like but so sinister and had so much depth that you couldn’t hate him and love him at the same time.

Sweeney Todd

Okay, so Sweeney Todd was the kind of villain I could root for. His wife was raped and humiliated and went crazy while he was sent to prison on false charges by a jealous man. His daughter was taken and raised by the man who raped her mother. Said man is now trying to force the daughter to marry him. Yeah, I can honestly say I wanted Sweeney to kill those men! Okay, the meat pies were going a little too far, but the killing? Nope! By the way, I will never look at a barber’s chair the same again.

Umbridge – Harry Potter

You would think that a sweet little lady who loves kittens couldn’t possibly be a horrible monster, but to me they are the worst kind. manipulative and sadistic, Delores Umbridge was the worst villain in the Harry Potter series. We wanted to see her die in horrible ways much worse than we did Voldemort! The woman tortured children. It doesn’t get much worse than that. Oh yes, it does! She took Moody’s eye. That was just wrong.

Kiefer Sutherland – Lost Boys

When you saw that movie admit it, you wanted to be a vampire. It’s okay, we all did. And it was because of Keifer. He was tough, sexy and a prankster. Everyone wanted to be his friend. With the blond spiky hair and all that jewelry and leather. Back before vampires were soft and hated what they were. He was crazy and scary and you didn’t mess with him. He was a great vampire and honestly, I really did hope he’d eat Jason Lee. Alas, he did not. But that’s okay because when you think of that movie, he’s the one you remember.

Heath Ledger’s Joker

Batman – So, when I heard that Heath Ledger was going to be the joker I was like, what??? And then I saw the movie and was like, WOAH! He blew me away. He was even better than Nicholson. From his funny walk to the way he talked, he was the epitome of the Joker. Crazy, violence, irrational. Amazing. And I can only hope that in the movie Suicide Squad Jared Leto is a quarter as good. I’m not holding out hope on that one though.

Loki – Thor

Loki is my favorite. He really is. Sexy and smart with a quick dry wit. He is the best! Never told that he isn’t Odin’s biological son and always playing second fiddle will leave some pent up resentments. Okay, so Loki goes on a rampage and tries to enslave Earth and take over the world, what great villain doesn’t? But the best part of Loki? (Besides his good looks) The best part is the love for his mother. He tries to hide behind his traitorous exterior, but when he finds out his mother is dead he loses it. That is a villain I can get behind and fall in love with. Well written, well played.

Khan – Star Trek Into Darkness

Khan was an awesome villain and for as much as I liked Richardo Montalban, Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing! Hands down one of the best villains of all time. Calm and collected, methodical and vicious all he cared about was his family. And who can’t sympathize with that? Plus the fight scene with Spock was just way too cool. (And Leonard Nimoy will be greatly missed.) But I digress. Khan was a villain you rooted for. Maybe not in the original movie but definitely in Into Darkness.

Gary Oldman – Dracula

Yup! Another vampire movie. I love them. I think I’ve never been so upset with a guy not getting the girl and living immortally ever after in my life as I was with this movie. Dracula was old, a wolf, bats, a batman, mist, young, I think even rats at one point. He was awesome. And all he wanted, was his wife back. I wanted him to live so bad I could barely contain myself. But no, poor Mina had to end up with the stick in the mud Keanu. What fun is that? We loved it when Dracula killed people. We loved it when he was dashing and young. We loved it when he…well.. we loved everything about him. And I can honestly say, Gary Oldman did for Dracula what he did for Sirius Black. He made the characters.

Darth Vader

Star Wars – Who doesn’t love Darth Vader? Secretly we would all rather be him than just about anyone in the Star Wars universe. I can’t say the same of any other Sith in the Star Wars universe. Originally a Jedi who loses the love of his life as well as several limbs, twisted by the manipulation of an evil man. This guy has a great backstory. So we don’t really want him to rule everything. We actually want the Jedis to win, but that is what makes it so great and different. Every time he comes on screen, we love it. But when it comes right down to it, we hope he loses.

So those are my top ten movie villains. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Let me know! Tell me who your favorite movie villains are 🙂 And as I look at this list I realize there is only one female on there, so let me give you one more female villain that I couldn’t WAIT to see die! Mother Gothel from Tangled. That woman needed to suffer and die! She was just horrible.

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