Beach Pillows – Movie Review

Beach Pillows is a movie written and directed by Sean Hartofilis

which tells the story of Morgan Midwood (played brilliantly by George Arend), a young man who once dreamed of becoming a writer, who has ended up working in his father’s furnishing store, his dream trodden on by the drudgery of everyday life, saving up every bit of his well earned money to by his (very) long term girlfriend an engagement ring. When he discovers she’s been having  a bit of how’s your father with an acquaintance behind his back his life spirals out of control, but his good friend Nick (played by Vincent Kartheiser from Mad Men, or as I know him, Connor from Angel, does that make me old?) is there along for the ride, with a somewhat ingenious idea up his sleeve.

I came across this movie on twitter the other day and I was intrigued, and once I started watching I couldn’t stop, Morgan Midwood really IS everyone, and that’s why you are so invested in him as a character, there is at least one scenario I’m sure everyone can relate to in this movie, from the bad relationship, to enthusiastic but somewhat of a bad influence friend. The cast in this film are great, from Annette O’Toole’s (playing Morgan’s mum) expressions, to Richard Schiff’s (Morgan’s dad) love and hate relationship with Facebook.

I really loved this movie, heart warming and funny, and if you can spare an hour and half head over to iTunes to give it a watch and ask yourself.. what is the difference between beach towel and terry cloth?

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