Famous Peruvian Actors & Actresses

Famous People from Peru – Peruvians in Film & Television

Here are the most famous Peruvians from film and television – famous people from Peru and Peruvian celebrities who are internationally known as actors and actresses.

Famous People from Peru – Peruvian Actors

While famous people from Peru can be found in the international world of film and television, their actual nationality is sometimes overlooked. Here is a selection of some of the most famous Peruvians from the movies and TV.

Henry Ian Cusick

Henry Ian Cusick was born in 1967 in Trujillo on the Peruvian coast. While not well known as a Peruvian (he was only two when he left to live in Europe) he is arguably one of the most famous people from Peru currently in the television spotlight. His name will be most recognizable to fans of the television series Lost.

His role as ‘Desmond Hume’ in the hit series began in season two, with a more central role following in season three. Before this he had appeared on British television in Casualty and The Book Group. In the States he appeared in two episodes of 24. Recently he landed his first major film role as ‘Udre Belicoff’ in the 2007 movie Hitman.

Benjamin Bratt

While not strictly Peruvian, it is worth noting that Benjamin Bratt can claim Peruvian blood. Bratt, star of television series Law & Order and films such as Clear and Present Danger, Miss Congeniality and Traffic, has a Peruvian mother who moved to the United States at the age of fourteen.

Pietro Sibille

Pietro Sibille is a famous Peruvian most notable for roles in Peruvian made movies and television dramas. His only Hollywood part came in 2000 when he played ‘Juaco’ in Proof of Life starring Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan. Other famous people from Peru in TV and film are often well-known only in Spanish speaking countries, largely in Latin America. These include Christian Meier, Diego Bertie and Ricky Tosso.

Famous Peruvians – Peruvian Actresses

Nathalie Kelley

Nathalie Kelley can claim Peruvian, Argentinean, and Australian roots. Born in 1985 in Lima, Peru, she moved to Australia at the age of two. She shot to international fame in 2006 playing ‘Neela’ in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. She later starred in Loaded and will appear in Young Americans when it is released in 2010. Natalie Kelley still keeps ties with Peru.

Silvana Arias

Starting her acting career in Peruvian telenovelas (soap operas), famous Peruvian actress Silvana Arias secured a role in the US soap opera Passions in 2004. Arias was born in Lima in 1982. Another Lima-born actress, Gianella Neyra, became one of the most famous Peruvians in the film world after appearing in Bésame Tonto, a 2002 Spanish language film that found international acclaim.

Alexis Amore

Alexis Amore also deserves a mention for her numerous roles in adult movies. Born in Lima in 1978, her award-winning work in adult entertainment has made her one of the more famous Peruvians in ‘alternative’ movies.

Other famous people from Peru, more famous in Latin America than in the English speaking world, include actresses Vanessa Jeri, Stephanie Cayo, and Saby Kamalich.

Famous People from Peru from the World of TV & Film

While some of the above stars may have dual nationalities they all maintain strong links with Peru and are arguably some of the most famous people from Peru. Famous Peruvians working abroad, especially in Hollywood, are often labeled as having “Latin roots” while their Peruvian ties are often overlooked. However, all of the above can be rightly proud to call themselves famous Peruvians.

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