10 Life lessons we can learn from Hollywood

If there is something called magic, I would say, it’s right here in movie business. Why?? The prime reason is – You are in your world of imagination. I was not that avid movie watcher until the summer of 2010, when I saw, Good Will Hunting (1997), I just simply fell in love with the movie for its simple message, of hunting yourself within the sea of competition. Ever since, I have followed and watched movies, every single day of my existence so far. Now, I say, we learn many things from movies. Below is my list of life lessons that we learn from Hollywood movie.

1. Realization of your existence


Movies like Forrest Gump or Pursuit of Happyness, makes you realize that, life is not that difficult if you have that zeal to go way out of your possibilities and proving yourself to get what you want.

2. Sense of humor


Even though you have that one “X” factor in you, trust me, you do develop a special sense bud known as Hollywood humor from all the sarcastic and comedy movie/TV Sitcoms that you follow. It definitely gets from being awesome to LEGEN–wait-for-it-DARY.

3. Rebellious


Yeah! You read that right. You try to become this different personality, the moment you watch something such as “Oh fuck, that’s some cool shit!”

4. We Become aware


Well, yes we do. If nothing then, we do get aware of the fact, that life can fuck you crazy, when your girlfriend has decided to dump you for that rich ass hole you always hated. Remember, 500 Days of Summer??!

5. That nothing box exist


Yes, it does exist. The moment we realize when we watch movies like White Chicks or Epic Movie. We don’t have to use our brain too hard to understand anything. That time we are empty and in that chillax zone and that is known as nothing box.

6. Socially responsible of one’s life

Do I really have to explain this in details? We all have heard about Kim Kardashian! Didn’t we?

7. Take risk


If Maggie Fitzgerald (Hilary Swank from Million Dollar Baby) can take risk of leaving everything and pursue her passion of boxing, knowing there are too many possible hurdles on her way. Then, we can also try. Eventually, she did try in the beginning then moving up in the ladder of success. (Just try not to break any part of your body in regards of proving yourself.)

8. Family, Friends and Love

Your perfect pillar of life:
“It’s A Wonderful Life” tells us the story of a man who can do anything to succeed; but, family brings him the true happiness at the end of the day. On the other hand, friends are big pain in the ass but they are the ones who make you thank your life for what you have, otherwise you could get sloshed crazy after getting drunk and never come out of that mini refrigerator. We all have seen The Hangover’s Wolfpack after all.

9. Law of Attraction exist


Trust me, it does. Get up in the morning with happy feeling and you will not notice how hip and happening your day was until you go to bed, whereas, get up in the morning with a grumpy face and just count how many times you curse your life.

10. You become a reservoir of Knowledge pretty much like a NERD


We know everything through movies. Someone asks you about WWII, you have correct answer to that question Knowledge doesn’t always come from textbooks but from movies too.

Tell us how movies work for you and how it has helped you in an extremely tricky situation. Well Movies do that from time to time.

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